Australia's very first Penny Press machine

Pressed Pennies supplies locations across Australia on a Profit Share basis and we are proud to work together with a team of friendly and professional staff who work hard to ensure customer satisfaction.

We have been involved in this exciting “Pressed Pennies” business and building Penny Press Machines since 2001 and we have steadily grown and developed during this time. We love to see customers smile and enjoy using our fun and interactive machines. There are now many Penny Press machines located around Australia at some of Australia’s most famous locations such as Phillip Island Nature Parks, Zoo’s Victoria, Twelve Apostles, Sydney Living Museums, Australian Dinosaurs Museums just to name a few.

We are the industry leading company within the Pressed Pennies business because we have worked hard at building relationships with our customers and just as hard at developing the world’s very best Penny Press Machines. Like many companies, we have endured hardships and setbacks…so we understand what is required to manufacture a quality Penny Press Machine to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our ability to learn and grow and to always apply honesty and integrity when dealing with people.

We have seen the Penny Press Machine gradually evolve from a very basic (and sometimes unreliable machine) to what we have today…. A 5th generation or what we now call the “Next Generation” Penny Press machine, which is highly reliable ensuring a quality souvenir is produced for the customer.

We aim to provide you and your customers with:

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Excellence in Service
  • Quality and Reliability of Products